21 Day Fix – Week 1 Results

21 Day Fix

It’s Monday, which means I have officially completed my first week of The 21 Day Fix. Here are my thoughts, feelings and (more importantly) what I ate.

So if you are not sure what the 21 Day Fix is, feel free to read my 21 Day Fix introductory post. In a nutshell it’s a 30 minute daily workout program BUT what’s different is it teaches you PROPER portion control. You will be given containers and you simply fill the food up, dump it on the plate and go from there.

No counting calories, counting macros, NO STARVATION!

Clean Eating

21 Day Fix The Food:

I definitely didn’t starve. I was satisfied and full the whole week. When you fill up on nutrient dense food, that’s going to happen. Plus I feel awesome! The best part of this program is that there is no DEPRIVATION. I had a glass of wine with my steak dinner on Wednesday and last night I had some dark chocolate with my fruit.

The whole point is it takes 21 Days to make or break a habit, and this teaches you LIFE skills. That’s why I love it so much. There is information on the “containers to use” when you go out for pizza or just out to a restaurant. Again, it’s teaching you portion size that you can use in everyday life.

There are still foods that you cannot eat, basically if it’s not in the book – it’s a no. There are recipes for cookies and treats that you can have, but no store but junk. If there is a chemical in it, it’s a no. Or better yet – if it’s in the middle shelves of the grocery stores (and it’s not peanut butter or whatever) – back away.

Here are some collages of what I ate from Instagram. I stopped posting on the weekend, because it’s pretty repetitive considering my husband is away this week and I’m just cooking for myself and my toddler.

21 day fix food ideas

Missing: Shake

21 day fix food

Missing: Spinach salad with roasted chicken and homemade dijon vinaigrette (recipe in Fix book)

21 day fix meal plan
21 Day Fix Meals

21 day fix nutrition

Missing: spinach salad with two eggs, and homemade Dijon vinaigrette.

21 Day Fix Wine IS ALLOWED

A lot of repetition for the last few days, but it’s so good and I switch it up with seasoning’s and hot sauce. This is what I chose to use my containers for, but the possibilities are endless. This week I have a few different choices on my meal plan, including Cream of Broccoli Soup and Turkey Chili.

Meal Prep

Every Sunday, I pre wash and cut up all my veggies and fruit. I put my stir fry ingredients together so that way I can quickly make it when the time comes. Doing this has saved me. On nights where I’m too lazy to cook, I don’t really have to, it’s done for me – I just have to saute and it’s done. I pre-cooked and cut up some chicken as well. This is a great option for busy parents and for those who work! Your lunches and snacks are ready for you to bring to the office. A little preparation goes a long way.

21 Day Fix Week 1 Results

I’ll let the photo speak for itself:

21 Day Fix Week 1 Results

Non Scale Victories:

  • My skin is improving (not so dull)
  • Clothes are looking better
  • Have a slight increase of energy (playing more with my son)
  • Learning new habits
  • Remembering to drink my water (I’m aiming for a gallon a day)

Don’t forget to read about week 2 and week 3 (plus my results).

If you would like to order the 21 Day Fix, you can order it over at My Team Beachbody Store (just hit shop).

Disclosure: I am an Independent Beachbody Coach and I do receive a commission of 25%. If you would like to receive a 25% discount and make health and fitness YOUR business drop me an email: randaderkson @ gmail(.)com


  1. Congrats! Very impressive start! :)

    Im looking forward to following the rest of your journey

  2. Amazing start Randa – I would love something this simple to follow and your food looks fabulous!
    Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel recently posted…Netflix Earth Friendly Titles #StreamTeamMy Profile

  3. Using containers for portion control sounds interesting!

    Great job!
    Brandy recently posted…The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14My Profile

  4. Wow! You look amazing Randa! I have been having a tough time with energy and whenever I think about portions, I am always way off! What a great idea to have containers that you could later put on to a plate, so you get used to the portion sizes. I may very well take a good look at this program. Thank you!
    DeBalino recently posted…Kites and Cuddles #WordlessWednesday #LinkyMy Profile

  5. Wonderful start Randa, love that you are promoting “real” food and being healthy, not skinny. You look awesome! Following your journey :)
    Dawn recently posted…Aveeno Baby and A Soothing Bathtime For Your Little One #AveenoBabiesMy Profile

  6. Love, love, love the idea of using containers for portion control. Wonderful start Randa the 21 Day Fix sounds very interesting and the food looks yummy!
    Monica recently posted…Kitchen Essentials from MicroplaneMy Profile

  7. WOW! Randa, you are my inspiration. I am going to follow in your footsteps, my friend! Bookmarked this post.
    Christine recently posted…5 Easter Activities for Kids #KINDERMomMy Profile


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