Easing Muscle Aches Naturally with doTERRA’s Deep Blue #essentialoils

Easing Muscle Aches with Deep Blue - AKA Leg Day Saver


There is a little something called “leg day”. When properly executed, you are sore for a good day or two afterwards. It’s awesome (I’m not crazy, I feel that it’s my body changing). Easing muscle aches in the past was basically just me sitting in an epsom salt bath. Since adding doTERRA’s Deep Blue to the mix, it’s really bumped up the recovery.

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Cheddar & Pear Gluten Free Scones

Cheddar and Pear Scone. This gluten free recipe is perfect for fall

It’s pear season here on the North Central Coast of British Columbia, and lucky for me – I have a tree. Last year I sadly let many go to waste but this year I’m on a mission: to create delicious and healthy pear recipes that are out of the box and fun. Like these Cheddar and Pear Gluten Free Scones.

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Lemon Almond Protein Pancakes: Cooking With Essential Oils

Lemon Almond Protein Pancakes - Healthy, gluten free and high protein packed

I’m a big fan of protein pancakes. Regular pancakes don’t fill me up (I’m an empty pit) so I usually need a little more. This recipe uses oats, Shakeology (or protein powder) and lemon essential oil and it keeps me fuelled for hours.

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TFal ActiFry 2in1 Review & #Recipe

TFal ActiFry 2in1 Review and Recipe Examples

I’ve never wanted a deep fryer, it’s one small appliance that I know my kitchen and my body could do without. However, I will admit that from time to time I crave crispy fries with my Sweet n’ Spicy Turkey Burger or perfect hash browns with my poached eggs on the weekend; I just don’t want the grease and pain in my chest after. That’s where the T-fal Actifry comes in.

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Cherry Popsicles – Homemade and Healthy

Cherry Maple Paleo Pops

The past week and a bit has been hot, really hot. It was too hot to cook and the heat was affecting my little guy’s appetite. These Cherry Popsicles were a no fail, he loved them (I’ve made a few batches since this) and I loved the fact that he wasn’t consuming any fake ingredients and refined sugar.

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