TFal ActiFry 2in1 Review & #Recipe

TFal ActiFry 2in1 Review and Recipe Examples

I’ve never wanted a deep fryer, it’s one small appliance that I know my kitchen and my body could do without. However, I will admit that from time to time I crave crispy fries with my Sweet n’ Spicy Turkey Burger or perfect hash browns with my poached eggs on the weekend; I just don’t want the grease and pain in my chest after. That’s where the T-fal Actifry comes in.

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A 20-Something’s List To Accomplish Before 30

A 20-Something's List To Accomplish Before 30

Today I say goodbye to my early – mid twenties and I’m feeling a little bittersweet. I’m usually pretty excited about birthdays, but this time around there was a little bit of dread.

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Cherry Popsicles – Homemade and Healthy

Cherry Maple Paleo Pops

The past week and a bit has been hot, really hot. It was too hot to cook and the heat was affecting my little guy’s appetite. These Cherry Popsicles were a no fail, he loved them (I’ve made a few batches since this) and I loved the fact that he wasn’t consuming any fake ingredients and refined sugar.

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PiYo – A Low Impact Workout That Delivers Results

PiYo - Contact Randa to order

PiYo is Chalene Johnson’s newest workout released with Team Beachbody. I ordered myself a copy the day it was released and it has finally arrived. [Read more...]

Healthy Snacks With Zoku & Pineapple Popsicle Recipe

Zoku Fish Pops

My son loves frozen treats. Whether it’s ice cream, freezes or popsicles he is always asking for a treat and I find myself saying no too often. I made Pineapple Popsicles with my new Zoku, and now my son can help himself whenever he wants.

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Celebrating My Beauty, Strength and Confidence

Almay Beauty

Everyday I log onto Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and (my favorite social media platform) Instagram, and everyday I see stunningly beautiful women on my newsfeed. It can be a little intimidating at times, and I tend to do the unhealthy thing and compare myself to others.

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Choco-Mochanut Protein Mug Cake

Choco-Mocha Nut Protein Mug Cake

I have been seeing a lot of mug cake recipes floating around Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. The idea is great, a single serve “mug of cake”, however a lot of the recipes are higher in calories then a regular slice of cake! I’m really into protein mug cakes, they keep you full and don’t have the added calories that flour based ones have.

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Commit To Fit With #SUBWAYFreshSwap


I do my best to live each day the healthiest I can. For the most part I exercise daily, I do my best to mentally live well and I watch my nutrition. With that being said, I’m not perfect: I like to watch TV while I eat, I tend to over do it with snacks, and I let my stress take over far too often. Right now, I am making fresh swaps with the Subway Commit To Fit Pledge.

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21 Day Fix Workouts – On The Go Fitness

21 Day Fix Workouts

I’m really enjoying the 21 Day Fix workouts, it’s something I’m planning on continuing even when I’m finished round two of The Fix. I searched the web and found some of the workouts that you can take with you for an “anywhere workout”.

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21 Day Fix Results & Week 3 Review

21 Day Fix Results and Review - See how much I lost and what I gained

Yes, I’m a little late with posting my 21 Day Fix results. It’s been a busy week, but it’s better late then never.

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