Firmoo Glasses Review

Firmoo Review

Glasses are not always the most affordable necessity to have. Many people do not have vision worked into their work benefits and the cost can add up. Thankfully there are companies like Firmoo Glasses that offer affordable frames and lenses (you can even get your first pair for free, details below).

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Holiday Gift Guide – Accepting Features For 2014

Holiday Gift Guide
I’m very excited to announce that this year The Bewitchin’ Kitchen will be accepting submissions for the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide starting now. Find out more information below.

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean #sonicaresmile

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean
I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I don’t have the best health with it comes to my mouth. I was told that my body produces more plaque then the average person, so I go in for cleanings and check ups semi-annually. I have never received a “you’re teeth are awesome” praise. It’s usually along the lines of  “too much plaque”. That’s all about to change with Philips Sonicare!

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Peekaboo Beans – Playwear For Kids On The Grow

Peekaboo Beans Review

Finding quality clothes from a Canadian company isn’t always the easiest find. Thankfully, Peekaboo Beans has made it easy (and fun) to find trendy, comfortable and age appropriate clothes for newborns to tweens.

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TFal ActiFry 2in1 Review & #Recipe

TFal ActiFry 2in1 Review and Recipe Examples

I’ve never wanted a deep fryer, it’s one small appliance that I know my kitchen and my body could do without. However, I will admit that from time to time I crave crispy fries with my Sweet n’ Spicy Turkey Burger or perfect hash browns with my poached eggs on the weekend; I just don’t want the grease and pain in my chest after. That’s where the T-fal Actifry comes in.

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CAA Rewards Saves Me Money #CAARewards

CAA Rewards


I love being a CAA member! The peace of mind that it provides while I’m on road trips is comforting but the CAA Rewards is icing on the cake.

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Blueberry Matcha Muffins & #Giveaway

Blueberry Matcha Muffins
I love a good muffin, but usually the ones I’m drawn to may as well be a cake. So when I put together these Blueberry Matcha Muffins, I wanted to be more health conscious since we’ve been having a little more sugar than usual (heat + no AC = lots of ice cream).

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Coconut Coffee Popsicles #havajava

Coconut Coffee Popsicles
I am in the middle of a “heat advisory” up here on the North Coast of British Columbia, it is hot. It’s too hot for my ritual of afternoon coffee and it’s been throwing me off. So after some inspiration from SingleJo Coffee’s Margaritaville line, I decided to make some Coconut Coffee Popsicles.

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Rowenta Silence Force Extreme Compact #haveyouheard

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme compact reviewHave you heard of the Rowenta Silence Force Extreme? Before it showed up at my door, I hadn’t and now I’m determined to let everyone know about this compact and powerful vacuum.

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Turn Up The Jam & Turn Up The Flavour With These Jam Recipes #pairingideas

6 Jam Recipes That Change The Way You Look At Jam

I wouldn’t call myself a creative person, I don’t usually “go out on a whim” and try something. Everything I do has a reason behind it, and a plan. Everything, that is, except for cooking.

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