21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 day fix results

I just completed my second week of the 21 Day Fix. It was a really tough week, and I was worried that my 21 Day Fix results would be compromised. Here’s what happened and a little more about the program:

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21 Day Fix – Week 1 Results

21 Day Fix

It’s Monday, which means I have officially completed my first week of The 21 Day Fix. Here are my thoughts, feelings and (more importantly) what I ate.

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Living Proof Of Smudge Proof Mustard Test Challenge

Smudge Proof Stainless Steel Fridge

This post is all about a challenge, a challenge to see if your kitchen can be truly smudge proof. I challenge all of you to The Mustard Test.

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Coconut Peanut Butter & Other Fabulous Finds

the healthy shopper

Coconut Peanut Butter, give it a few seconds and let this sink in. The Healthy Shopper has come out with their 2014 picks.

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Repair Your Hair With The Pro Naturals System

Transform your hair in just 4 washes

Healthy, strong and shiny hair, I haven’t had that in such a long time. Due to no thyroid and taking the drug Synthroid, my hair is a whacked-out, frizzy mess. I started using the Pro Naturals Hair Treatment System and I’ve noticed a huge difference in just four washes.

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Be In Control With Kidoodle TV (plus Giveaway) #KidoodleMom

Kidoodle tv

TV time amongst toddlers is somewhat of a hot topic these days. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it, and it usually ends up with a feeling of guilt in the end. I don’t want my son to sit for hours in front of the Television or iPad, and thankfully I have Kidoodle TV to back me up.

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Saving Mr. Banks Now Available On Blu Ray

Saving Mr. BanksWhen I first heard about Saving Mr. Banks a few months ago, I knew I had to see it. Seeing it in the theatre was out of the question, so I waited until it was out on Blu Ray (which it now is).

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Treehouse Kids Supplements From Webber Naturals

kids supplements

My son just turned two this past weekend and he’s entered the picky eater stage. His nutrition is an on going worry of mine. I’m been kicking around the idea of using supplements for a while now, and just started with Treehouse Kids Supplements from Webber Naturals.

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Disney’s The Jungle Book Is Now On Blu Ray

 Jungle Book

Disney’s The Jungle Book has been let out of the Disney vault and (for the first time ever) is released on Blu Ray.

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Painting Kitchen Countertops With Giani Granite

How to paint a countertop to look like granite

I’ve attempted a DIY counter top before in the past, and it turned out okay but I found that it was missing something. It was missing the shine, the smoothness and the natural look that grainte provides. So when I decided to opt for a faux grainte look, I didn’t want to mess around. I turned to the experts over at Giani Granite when it came to painting kitchen countertops. [Read more...]