Peekaboo Beans – Playwear For Kids On The Grow

Peekaboo Beans Review

Finding quality clothes from a Canadian company isn’t always the easiest find. Thankfully, Peekaboo Beans has made it easy (and fun) to find trendy, comfortable and age appropriate clothes for newborns to tweens.

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Bert & Bratt’s Portable Sterilizer

Bert and BrattI remember bringing Carter home from the hospital like it was yesterday. After a month spent in the NICU, I was terrified of every germ that was in our house. I boiled everything and it was a huge and lengthy process and traveling was a little scary. I wish I had the Bert & Bratt’s portable sterilizer then.

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Perfect Prep Machine by Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Have you heard of the Perfect Prep Machine by Tommee Tippee yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. This little accessory is going to make those 2 am bottle feedings a heck of a lot easier.

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Squoosh By Baby Gourmet


Something I struggle with with my son is feeding him. He’s so picky. One day he’ll eat carrots, the next he will refuse. Even right now, I’m struggling feeding him an orange when for the past week he’s been inhaling them. I often worry about his nutrition and whether or not he’s getting everything his body needs to be healthy. Especially now that it’s the holiday season and I have been allowing him some Christmas baking every once in a while.

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Bloom Into Baby Giveaway

Bloom Into Baby Button-1

Hosted by: My Four Littles, Everything Mommyhood, and Four Littles Media

Sponsored by: Britax

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10 Baby Products To Skip

10 Baby Products To Skip

When you’re a new mom (or a new mom to be) it’s easy to get caught up in the products that are “all the rage” at the time, or products that you think would be incredibly useful. I’m more then guilty, I have boxes full of useless baby stuff I never used. Here is The Bewitchin’ Kitchen’s 10 Baby Products To Skip :

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Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves It has been a little over a year since we brought Carter home after a month of being in the NICU. By the time we made it home from the Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House® it was 10pm (we stuck around for dinner and bingo in celebration of Carter being discharged) and I was tired but couldn’t wait to start using all the fun things I bought previously. I was pretty thankful I jumped on the ball as early as I did, if I would have waited the “normal” amount of time before I started buying all the baby gadgets and goodies, I would have been too late and we would have come home to a big empty nursery. Now that a year has come and gone and I have had time to experience it all, here are my Top 10 Newborn Must Haves:

King Of The Castle Wordless Wednesday w/Linky

First Birthday

Another favorite of mine from last month at Carter’s first birthday.

Link Up

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Tips on Choosing Nursery Furniture for Your Newborn

Choosing Nursery Furniture

If you’re having your first baby and have been brave enough to begin looking for nursery furniture — not to mention looking for baby clothes, baby bags, baby toys, baby foods, and the best universities for babies — you might be feeling a little overwhelmed right about now.

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Boogie Wipes


One of the most difficult tasks I have with a 10 month old is wiping his nose. He can’t blow and those bulb syringes are too small (still) to suck the “boogies” out. Over the last few weeks I have been using Boogie Wipes and they’re tagline is correct, they’re “Snot Your Average Wipe”.

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