Fall Fair Memories WW LINKY

Randa Derkson Instagram


It all started with an Instagram selfie, I was announcing that we were heading to the Fall Fair. I was pretty excited (if you can’t tell), my husband and I both hadn’t been to this fair in 9 years (when I bought my first car).

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Stop The Clock WW LINKY

Randa and Carter
It’s my 26th birthday on Thursday, and today I’m finding myself looking back on the last 11 years of photos that I have stored on the computer. There has been so many changes, and here is the best one!

Can we just stop for the clock for a moment? He’s too cute (and he knows it too).

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Full Credit WW LINKY

Amazing eyes

Today marks a big day for my husband and I. I have officially been putting up with him for 10 years ;) Although I planned a nice and sweet little post with photos dating back to when I was 15, I’m actually in Kelowna right now and don’t have access. So here is something better: my baby.

I can take full credit for him, right?

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Fishing WW W/Linky

Day at the Skeena


The best part about the river for a toddler? Throwing rocks.

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Soulful Eyes WW LINKY

Cutest Toddler Ever
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Mommy Time WW W/LINKY

Carter and mommy

It’s not often we get photos together, thankfully my husband bought me a tripod and I can take matters into my own hands now.

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Wine Tour Wednesday WW LINKY

Okanagan Wine Tour


Myself and two of my best girlfriends took a much needed break last month and headed down to my favourite place for a little wine tour: The Okanagan.

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4 Years Ago WW LINKY

Wedding photos

On Thursday it’s my husband and I’s wedding anniversary. It’s amazing how quick four years can fly by (not to mention the ten we have been together). Where does the time go? I can say with confidence that on that day I would have never thought we would be living back in Northern BC (just a few hours from where we grew up) and would have the cutest little boy. Okay, I had an idea on the last part ;).

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Wine Haul WW LINKY

Wine Haul Silver Sage
I was in the Okanagan last weekend with two of my girlfriends, and we decided to tour some wineries. I did really well, here’s a photo of the first case I bought at my favorite winery, Silver Sage (located in Oliver). It’s hard to walk with only a case (their wine is THAT good).

Two cases later, I think I’m ready for summer.

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A Little Piece Of Heaven WW LINKY

UNG DRILL Frame Ikea Hack Country Chic Paint UNG DRILL Ikea Hack


Over on my other blog, The Everyday Domestic, I recently completed a new project. I took the UNG DRILL frame from IKEA and jazzed it up a bit with some paint from Country Chic Paint. I LOVE it! You can read about it here.

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