First Day WW LINKY

First Day


Last Friday my son went for his first day of day care. He was very excited to play with other kids and have fun. I decided to put him in day care 1-2x a week for half days. He doesn’t get much interaction with other children, so I thought that this would be perfect for him (plus he needs a break from his mommy and I would love a few hours to work uninterrupted or clean – lucky me).

It went very well <3.

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Full Credit WW LINKY

Amazing eyes

Today marks a big day for my husband and I. I have officially been putting up with him for 10 years ;) Although I planned a nice and sweet little post with photos dating back to when I was 15, I’m actually in Kelowna right now and don’t have access. So here is something better: my baby.

I can take full credit for him, right?

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4 Years Ago WW LINKY

Wedding photos

On Thursday it’s my husband and I’s wedding anniversary. It’s amazing how quick four years can fly by (not to mention the ten we have been together). Where does the time go? I can say with confidence that on that day I would have never thought we would be living back in Northern BC (just a few hours from where we grew up) and would have the cutest little boy. Okay, I had an idea on the last part ;).

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